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Dox is an Amsterdam based full service music company, founded by musicians in 1997.

After jazz-outfit SFeQ's label calls it quits the musicians, including saxophone player Bart Suèr, decide to start their own label. They soon expand to include concert services as well. The first Dox release is Zimmerman by SFeQ's DJ Git Hyper, and many more releases follow.

Fastforward to 2010 where Dox is a staple in the Jazz/Jazz-Pop scene in The Netherlands, having launched the careers of Wouter Hamel, Giovanca, Roos Jonker and Benny Sings among others. The company also gains fame with acts such as New Cool Collective and Zuco 103, of which co-owner Peter Brandjes (✝︎) also serves as manager, and of course Benjamin Herman.

Today Dox is known as a quality brand, and continues to work with up and coming artists as well as seasoned veterans both national and international.