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Dox Publishing focusses on the songwiters and composers. We secure commissions for music and promote existing compositions to recording artists, film and television.


Dox Records supports artists with their long-term strategy and marketing, helping them to build a lasting career. We take care of all label aspects including management, digital and physical distribution, marketing and strategy. We have a strong focus on digital, keeping up permanently with new technologies and services, but we also provide sales and distribution services for physical products.


Dox Live provides booking activities for a wide variety of Dutch and international acts, as well as promotional and production support in close consultation with each artist. We have a strong network of clubs and festivals stretching from the Benelux area to Japan.

Dox Live also produces concerts for management and booking agencies in need of tailored and personal support in the European market.


Dox provides promotional support for its booking and label artists. We have a strong focus on online promotion, DSP promotion (playlists), but of course we also cover Press/RTV.

We also provide these services to artists, labels and organisations not connected to Dox Records or Dox Live.


Dox Concepts works with brands that wish to make an emotional connection with their target audience via music. We work on coming up with unique concepts (such as Soundclash), audio moodboards and sonic branding for all types of clients.